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Cliebt LifemarkThe number of hits on YouTube are crazy!!!!! It’s tracking to be one of those videos that have well over one million hits within a year – putting it into the top three Flash Mob performances on YouTube in the world!!!! Also, Lifemark have had increases of over 1000% with their Facebook likes, website hits etc. If they sold products, this would have translated into a 1000% increase in sales. You have been amazing Brad. Not just because of your extraordinary talent as a Video Director, Camera Operator and Editor, but because of your unwavering enthusiasm, team spirit and heart felt generosity. Everyone is raving about how clever your editing was and how you captured not just the energy coming from the crowd, but also the spirit of the Flash Mob members themselves – their youth, fun, and joyfulness. There is no other Flash Mob video like it on YouTube, in fact most of the other flash mob videos look a bit robotic and sad in comparison. What is in your heart has connected with what is in the heart of the dancers and the power of the two forces has transcended into the video and captivated everyone who sees it. It has been an enormous privilege to work with you Brad. Thank you so so so much!!! I hope we can work together soon in the future.
Billie Jordan

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