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Live switching refers to mixing of multiple video sources, such as cameras, slideshows and overlaid graphics, as a live event unfolds. The switching operator instructs multiple camera operators what shots to get and then switches to the appropriate shot and/or graphics from each video source and “switches” between them in real time – in short, live switching is live multi-camera broadcasting.

This live video broadcast can be viewed on screens around the venue by your guests, it can also be streamed live over the internet for remote viewing. The same video mix is recorded so that at the end of the day you have a  completed video “edit” as soon as the event has concluded, this live switching approach can also save time and post production editing costs.

Our live switching equipment can switch up to 8 video sources in standard or high definition. Live switching is the perfect video support for conferences, marketing presentations, seminars and award nights.

Live interactive video support gives a “wow” factor to your event, it dramatically increasing the attention span of your audience by achieving a much more memorable and impressive result for clients and guests, additionally it adds extra prestige to your presentation and overall company image.

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Benefits of live event video switching
  • Increases your company prestige
  • Adds value & wow factor to your event
  •  Increases your audiences attention
  • Is interactive with your presentation
  • Live mixed video viewed on screens at the venue
  • Event can be broadcast live over the internet
  • Saves time and post production editing costs
  • Perfect video solution for all live events

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Live switching is the perfect solution for:
  • Corporate Conference
  • Product Launch
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Music Concerts
  • Corporate Dinners
  • Award Nights
  • Trade Expos
  • Live Interviews
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Live Event Video Streaming
  • Sporting Events
  • Television Shows
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