live switching equipment specifications

outside broadcast vehicle

Our comfortable custom built Outside Broadcast Vehicle seats up to 3 crew with access to multiview screens, video, graphics and audio control, additional operator workspace can be located at the rear and undercover of the vehicle lift up tale gate.

interior venue setup

All equipment is integrated & housed into a single dual rack, therefor equipment can quickly and easily be removed from the vehicle and transferred inside a venue when required with no re-integration of the system.

OBV Rear

complete switching solutions

Setup includes vehicle & all equipment listed for switching, monitoring and recording, including computers for graphics and media control, mini converters, long cable runs, camera tally light control & crew communication systems. All available to you for a simple fixed half or full day price structure, this allows you to customise the setup with the right gear and the right specifications to match your unique setup requirements without any unexpected additional hire costs.

production crew

You can use your camera crew, our camera crew or a mixed crew. Our rates include one experienced operator for technical setup and pulldown, and during the production as the switching operator.

If we are subcontracted by a video production company, you can choose to live switch the production with your own switching operator and our operator will assist in other tasks such as graphics, audio mixing or even as a camera operator if required.

system overview

The video switcher supports up to 8 external video input sources, so it is very suitable for a multitude of configurations between camera and graphic sources. The selected video standard must be uniform across all input sources – SD, 720p or 1080i the program output will follow the same chosen standard, there is in addition to this a real time down converted program output giving the option to view and/or record a standard definition version of the program out if needed.

There is also 3 Auxiliary outputs that are switchable between any source, graphic or program output – pre or post keyers. The system incorporates 4 upstream & 2 downstream keyers plus 32 memory pools for storing user defined full screen or keyable graphics such as bugs, lower thirds and stingers, the media pool is controlled by 2 internal media players.

The unit has numerous transitions on top of normal cut, wipe & dissolve transitions. The audio mixer supports 16 input sources – Mic or Line and also supports mic phantom power, audio is mixed to 2 or 4 audio channels and is embedded within the video recording codec. Your choice of program recording codecs are: 10 bit Uncompressed Quicktime, ProRes 422 Quicktime, DNxHD MXF or DNxHD Quicktime. Recording will match the chosen video standard or can be standard definition version by using the internal realtime down converter.

ten80i OBV Interior

full screen & keyed graphics

Presenters slideshows, full screen graphics, motion background loops and video playback integrates seamlessly by using our graphics laptop or any laptop with a graphics card that supports 1080i or 720p through DVI, HDMI or Thunderbolt ports. In addition, these slideshows & graphics can be viewed and controlled while using our wireless iPad controller. Alpha channel or keyed graphics, such as Lower Thirds, Stingers and Bugs can be pre-loaded into the switchers internal media bank and controlled by using the switchers keyers and built in media player controllers.

video specifications

Video Standards: 1080i/50, 720p/50, SD PAL, 1080i/59.94, 720p/59.94, SD NTSC

Video Input: 8 x External Sources – HDMI & SDI

Video Generators: Color Bars, 2 x User Defined Colours

Media Players: 2 x Internal

Internal Graphics: 32 x Media Pools for Alpha Channel Graphics such as – Bugs, Lower Thirds & Stingers

Keyers: 4 x Upstream, 2 x Downstream Keyers

Keyers Type: Liner, Pre-multiplied, Chroma, Pattern or DVE

Program Output: Matched Video Standard – SDI, HDMI, DVI and Component

Downconversion: Realtime SD Program Out – SDI and Composite

Auxiliary Output: Matched Video Standard – 3 x SDI Selectable to any External or Internal Source or Generator, Program Pre or Post Key

Recording Standards: Matched Video Standard or Downconversion

Recording Formats: Matched Video Standard or Downconversion: Uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) Quicktime, Avid DNxHD 220 Mb/s Quicktime, Avid DNxHD 220 Mb/s MXF

audio specifications

Audio Input: 16 x Input Sources – Balanced

Audio Generators: Tone

External Audio Effects: 4 Channel Subgroup Compressor & Limiter & 2 Channel Master Compressor & Limiter

Audio Output: 4 Channel Subgroup & 2 Channel Master

Auxiliary Output: 6 Channel

Recording: 2 Channel or 4 Channel

Recording Formats: Same as Video Recording Format.

BlackMagic Switcher

video and audio equipment

1 x BlackMagic ATEM1 Video Production Switcher

1 x Samsung 32″ LED Full HD Multiview Screen

1 x Samsung 32″ LED Full HD Program Screen (same specifications as Multiview screen)

1 x BlackMagic Dual 8” HD SDI Screen

3 x BlackMagic HDMI to SDI Battery Converters

2 x BlackMagic SDI to HDMI Battery Converters

2 x BlackMagic SDI to 4 Channel Audio De-Embedder

1 x BlackMagic 4 Channel Audio to SDI Embedder

1 x BlackMagic SDI 8 x Distribution & Re-Clocker

1 x BlackMagic Tally Control

1 x BlackMagic HyperDeck Studio Video Recorder

2 x Vertex 3 SATA III 240GB Solid State Drives (For HyperDeck recording)

1 x HD Video Graphics Computer – MacBook Pro 17” Solid State Laptop

1 x HD Switcher Control Computer – Sony Vaio Laptop

1 x Presenter Graphics Wireless Controller – iPad

1 x Phonic 16 Channel Input x 4 Subgroup x 2 Master Audio Desk

1 x Alto Quad Channel Compressor & Limiter

1 x Alto Dual Channel Compressor & Limiter

9 x Camera External Tally Lights

6 x Stagecom Belt-pack Comms & Double Muff Headsets

1 x Stagecom Master Comms & Double Muff Headsets

cable runs

6 x 60 metre SDI Video Cable

3 x 30 metre SDI Video Cable

4 x 60 metre Tally & Comms Cable

4 x 20 metre Tally & Comms Cable

4 x 3 metre HDMI Video Cable

1 x 25 metre XLR Multicore Audio Cable (16 Send x 4 Return)

20 x 5 to 15 metre Assorted XLR Audio

2 x 25 metre Power Leads

Assorted equipment integration cabling